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Seasonal Trend: Urban Farm

Fri 13 Oct 2017 Amy Kilvington

This season, cool and contemporary rustic-fusions have stormed to the forefront of interior design. Here at Wooden Blinds Direct, we’ve christened the trend ‘Urban Farm’. Cultivate a country retreat This trend offers a modern twist on classic interiors, bringing together a combination of earthy tones and warming textures. Channelling countryside chic into every home, Urban […]

Double Up For Winter 2017

Fri 13 Oct 2017 Amy Kilvington

Autumn is in full swing and we’re starting to turn our attention to winter time. Blankets are out, the heating’s on, and candles adorn every surface. But what’s the best window furnishing for this time of year? The team at Wooden Blinds Direct agree that there’s no better way to dress your windows for the […]

Wooden Blinds For Autumn (And Money Saving Tips!)

Fri 29 Sep 2017 Amy Kilvington

As the mornings grow darker and the trees begin to turn from green to red, it’s time to celebrate autumn, the season of harvests, pumpkins and bonfires. Autumn is also the time when we start to notice a chill in the air – the gentle reminder that the colder months are on their way, and […]

Real Homes, Real Customers: An Interview With Hannah Newman

Tue 22 Aug 2017 Amy Kilvington

There’s nothing we love more than seeing our products in action, enhancing our customers’ homes with exceptional style and functionality. But it’s particularly exciting when we discover a customer whose home is worthy of a double page spread in Ideal Home! We want to introduce Hannah Newman, interior design extraordinaire, Westie mama and Wooden Blinds […]

All You Need To Know About Wooden Blinds

Tue 15 Aug 2017 Amy Kilvington

When it comes to updating your window dressings, wooden blinds are more often than not the ideal solution. This sleek, sturdy, ever-stylish design is a favourite for a reason – wood never goes out of style, after all! But what makes a wooden blind so special? How well does it function? Will it complement your space? […]

The Benefits of Wooden Blinds in Living Rooms

Tue 1 Aug 2017 Amy Kilvington

  Wooden blinds are the ultimate window treatment, providing a sophisticated silhouette with unmatched functionality. These blinds are particularly effective in living rooms, where homeowners will reap the full benefits of a clever, classic design. If you’re on the hunt for new blinds for your living room, we’ve got the perfect solution… It goes without saying […]

Infuse Your Home With Nordic-Inspired Décor

Sun 21 May 2017 Amy Kilvington

The white, windswept vistas of Scandinavia are an inspiration for designers. Spotless lakes, jagged mountains and artful heaps of snow can make most of us pine for a region we’ve never set foot in. For this reason, the Nordic aesthetic has become incredibly popular in the UK, replete with furniture that gives our homes a […]

Different Ways To Use Wood In The Home

Fri 8 Jul 2016 Amy Kilvington

Wood has the distinct ability to tie in with a range of interior themes. Whether your preferred décor style is warm traditional, contemporary chic, or sleek minimalism, wood features are sure to complement and coordinate. The range of types, grains, colours and finishes available makes wood a seriously versatile material. There are many ways to incorporate […]

Five Reasons To Choose Wooden Blinds

Tue 7 Jun 2016 Amy Kilvington

It goes without saying that we’re big fans of wooden blinds. The clue’s in the name, after all. Here at Wooden Blinds Direct, we’re passionate about designing, creating and supplying some of the very best wood blinds on the market. We’re confident that our products are far superior to the outsourced blinds that competitors sell, […]

Let the Sun Shine Through with Wooden Blinds

Tue 24 May 2016 James Nuttall

We are halfway through spring and we at Wooden Blinds Direct think it’s pretty fair to say that it has, so far, been a rather rotten affair as far as the weather is concerned. This lacklustre spring has made natural light more important than ever in the home; you don’t want your energy bills to […]

Styling Your Windows… Coming Soon

Fri 29 Apr 2016 James Nuttall

We’ve been away from the blogging scene recently, working hard on our latest innovation, which we are now so excited to be able to announce to you. We are talking about our brand new approach to room inspiration: the Styling Your Windows series. We will be hosting this new series of articles on blogs across […]

Craft a Noon: Easter

Tue 22 Mar 2016 James Nuttall

Are you excited for Easter, because we certainly are! This year, Wooden Blinds Direct is getting crafty, and we are so excited to bring you three different pastimes you can try your hand at over the holidays. Thanks to our various sisters sites, such as Custom Curtains and Roman Blinds Direct, we always have plenty […]

Done and Dusted

Wed 2 Mar 2016 James Nuttall

Aside from helping to make a home look dirty, dust can also have a whole heap of negative impacts on your health and general well being. Breathing in too much dust can result in an increased risk of developing asthma, along with a multitude of breathing difficulties and allergic reactions. Other potential problems include dermatitis […]

Wood You Be My Valentine?

Fri 12 Feb 2016 James Nuttall

We are romantics at heart at Wooden Blinds Direct, and we can find uses for wood in practically any situation imaginable, and Valentines Day is no exception. We know that this is supposed to be the day of flamboyant gestures, champagne dinners and extravagant jewelry, but for many this is the perfect day to show […]

How to measure for wooden blinds

Tue 12 Jan 2016 James Nuttall

Measuring for new wooden blinds can be a real nightmare if you’re not sure where to begin. We at Wooden Blinds Direct feel your pain if you are having difficulty in getting your measurements just right; there can’t be much worse than placing an order for a bespoke wooden blind, only to discover that it won’t […]

Merry Christmas!

Thu 24 Dec 2015 James Nuttall

We at Wooden Blinds Direct would like to wish all of our loyal customers and readers a very Merry Christmas and happy 2016. Thank you for the hundreds of orders you have placed with us over this year, and we look forward to supplying even more beautiful bespoke wooden blinds to even more customers, next year! […]

An early Christmas present

Wed 16 Dec 2015 James Nuttall

We at Wooden Blinds Direct have received an early Christmas present lately, which comes in the form of the abundance of wonderful comments left by our customers on our Feefo review page! We are honestly touched by many of the comments we receive on this page, as it does wonders for the morale of our […]

Ways to use wood in your interior

Tue 8 Dec 2015 James Nuttall

Wooden Blinds Direct has already given you advice on this subject before in a previous blog post, but as far as we are concerned, you can’t have enough wood in your home, so here we go again!   1. Wooden Headboards  We love these wild wooden headboards, which are perfect for giving your bedroom a […]

10 points about pine

Fri 4 Dec 2015 James Nuttall

We at Wooden Blinds Direct are immensely proud of the fact that we select every component that is used to create our own ranges of wooden blinds. We stock a wide variety of wood, from oak to walnut, striving to please as many of our customers as possible by offering them a huge selection of […]

You can’t beat the real thing

Fri 4 Dec 2015 James Nuttall

Wooden Blinds Direct stocks more than just wooden blinds, we also have a fabulous range of aluminium venetian blinds, which look fantastic both in the home and the workplace. However, our real passion lies with our real wooden blinds. We love everything about them; we love their the naturally pleasing aesthetic, with each slat coming with […]