How To Style Grey Wooden Blinds

Tue 16 Jan 2018 Amy Kilvington

Grey has been a firm favourite in the interior design world for the last few seasons, which has inspired a growing demand for our gorgeous grey wooden blinds.

With a soft sophisticated tone and beautiful woodgrain texture, grey wood blinds are an elegant addition to every room in your home. The classic design is enhanced by a contemporary colour, making for a window dressing that’s certain to catch eyes and inspire compliments whilst offering exceptional functionality.

Grey wooden blinds are a sophisticated solution, bringing a sense of understated style and calm to a space. The shade is a lot more versatile than you might think, too. Grey doesn’t have to be a dull and dreary colour; in fact, the multitude of warm greys (yellow based) and cool greys (blue based) available on the market means you can select a tone that works for your space.

We’ve selected three different interiors that utilise gorgeous grey blinds. Here’s why we love them…


Contemporary classic

This traditionally-designed room boasts high ceilings and large windows, welcoming plenty of natural light into the space.

While a simplistic and chic room may be minimal in its design, you can bring interest and texture with key designer touches. Monochrome artwork, glass accessories and soft textures amp up the style of otherwise pared back furniture, while a feature wall in a trending shade of slate offers depth.

While the flooring of this room remains warm and oaky, the stylist opted for a grey wooden blind to bring continuity and modernity to the space. Narrow slats contrast the window’s large size and classic coving, whilst a soft shade of misty grey adds a fresh dimension.

“A grey wooden blind brings continuity and modernity to the space.”




Scandi vibes

A modern space with a Scandi feel can benefit greatly from grey wooden blinds. This cool, quirky room showcases an effective combination of bold tones and soft pastels, enhanced by a simple neutral backdrop that’s a little rough around the edges. Statement furniture and artisanal touches bring much interest to the space, while a modern piece of artwork picks out the key colour palette.

Your Scandinavian-inspired space may exhibit mixed metals, glass and wood in varying shades and finishes. High shines, rustic rubs and rich stains will all coordinate with grey wooden blinds, which are inherently versatile and timeless.

Choose this blind if your simplistic yet bold design tastes need a little grounding, but you’re still keen to make a statement. Nothing says sophistication like a grey wooden blind.

“High shines, rustic rubs and rich stains will all coordinate with grey wooden blinds.”



Mid-century mix

This mid-century style room is all about balance. Vibrant teals and powerful blues contrast the otherwise simple creams and greys, while industrial-esque fittings provide a masculine juxtaposition to cute geometric prints.

This bedroom is luxurious without being extravagant. The stylist’s keen eye for design means it offers the details and style of a boutique hotel, whilst maintaining the comfort and personality of home.

A grey wooden blind is the perfect addition to this type of space. The window dressing needn’t be loud and proud; instead, a simple wood blind channels understated sophistication, while warm grey tones coordinate with the rest of the colour scheme.

“A simple wood blind channels understated sophistication.”


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