The Biggest Benefits of White Wooden Blinds

Tue 30 Jan 2018 Amy Kilvington

Style, simplicity and superior functionality… it’s no surprise that white wooden blinds remain the most popular window dressing choice for homeowners. At Wooden Blinds Direct we offer a wide choice of white wood blinds, made to measure to match your exact requirements. Want to know more? Read on…

White wooden blinds are the perfect solution for windows all over the home. Quick to install, simple to use and easy to maintain, they’re a highly practical choice for busy households.

Wooden blinds are made up of rows of horizontal wooden slats. The slats are linked by a pulley cord that allows them to be rotated to almost 180 degrees. When raised, the slats gather neatly at the top of your window. When fully lowered, they can be rotated to block sunlight or angled for privacy. Your wooden blind should also be complete with a child safety device, which ensures the cords can be tidied away neatly and safely. We provide these for free at Wooden Blinds Direct.

Wooden blinds have the unique ability to obscure views from outside whilst still allowing sunlight and fresh air to flow into your home. The sturdy wooden slats also protect against shadows and outlines, which is particularly important for rooms that are overlooked by neighbours or passers by. This makes them a great choice for living rooms and bedrooms.

When shopping for wooden blinds, consider a made to measure service which guarantees a perfect fit. This means you won’t be responsible for trimming down slats that are a little oversized. You’ll also have the choice of slat width. We offer a range of sizes between 27mm and 64mm, and recommend customers choose a wider slat if they prefer a homely, traditional look. Wider slats also have a shorter stack height, which means less window surface will be covered when they are fully raised. Narrow slats provide a more modern look and will allow more sunlight in when angled.

Wood is naturally hard wearing, meaning your wooden blinds will maintain their strength and durability well into the future. Keep them fresh by dusting on a regular basis and using a mild detergent for any stubborn stains. You could also invest in an ostrich feather duster or a slat cleaner, both of which have electro-static properties that collect dust more effectively than other methods. White wooden blinds are naturally less forgiving of grubby marks, but they are easy enough to maintain. Of course, you must remember to dry your blind thoroughly after cleaning to prevent the wood from warping.

When it comes to aesthetics, white wooden blinds will coordinate with your space no matter your interior style. This simple, natural shade is incredibly versatile, lending itself to both modern and traditionally decorated environments. Feel free to express your individuality through the colour palette and prints of your choice, safe in the knowledge that your white wooden blinds will fit in seamlessly. Your blinds can also be layered with additional window dressings, such as a set of patterned curtains or a sheer voile. This provides additional texture and interest along with the practicalities of insulation and privacy. Adding in extra fabric also helps to soften up the space if you’re conscious of too many straight lines and edges.

At Wooden Blinds Direct, our white wooden blinds are hand cut and finished by our team of skilled craftsmen. We also finish every white wooden blind with UV paint and high quality fittings, along with a complementary valance to cover the head rail. This ensures your blinds look and feel great from top to bottom.

Here are three of our best selling white wooden blinds, starting from only £10.24*. Each blind is 100% natural basswood, sourced from sustainable forests and manufactured here in West Yorkshire. Click the images to find out more and shop your favourite product!


Remember to take a look at our full range of wooden blinds today and discover the perfect style for your home. The collection includes an assortment of colours and finishes if white isn’t right for you. You can also take advantage of our FREE Interior Design Service: [email protected] or 01924 848739 (8:30-4:30 MON-FRI).


*Price correct as of 30/01/2018.


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