How to stay warm (and keep those heating bills down) during winter

Thu 30 Nov 2017 Jordan Harling

Winter is cold. I’m not breaking any new ground in saying that; it’s something that all of us in the UK can agree on. Staying warm during these months isn’t always the easiest and if you’re like 99% of the people of the world, you either want to save money or save the planet. Possibly, and indeed probably, both. Well now’s the time to step up and do it. Turn off the paraffin lamps and take the coals from the fireplace, let’s get toasty.


Make every day Christmas jumper day

For the past few years we’ve all been reveling in the ironic kitsch of Christmas jumpers. It seems like every workplace has a Christmas jumper day where everyone dons their fanciest (or gaudiest) festive knitwear. And, as anyone who has ever taken part in these events will tell you, they are the cosiest days of the entire year. But what’s the point in having a jumper for just one day? Why not extend that festive feeling throughout the season? Wearing your Christmas jumper not only keeps you thinking about the season but it also keeps you warm around the house.


Keep cold windows at bay

The value of window furnishings are often overlooked when it comes to insulating your home. People tend to focus on the windows themselves, sealing up any cracks and installing new panes of glass. These are effective solutions but to get the most out of them you’ll also need to insulate your windows with blinds and curtains. Do this and you’ll keep the cold outside, where it belongs, and you’ll keep that precious heat inside your home.


Do a bit of baking

Baking is an act of pure creation. You’re taking a bunch of ingredients, which individually taste pretty terrible and turning them into something special. The act doesn’t just create a delicious treat though, it creates an irresistible scent in the air and, thanks to the oven, it also creates heat. Now obviously this won’t bring your heating costs down (you’ll be spending on heating the oven instead of the radiators) but at least you get something tasty out of it.


Become one with the blankets

There’s nothing better than getting cosy and becoming a Christmas caterpillar with a cocoon of blankets. So treat yourself on the cold winter nights and wrap yourself up tight when watching TV. Grab yourself a mug of hot chocolate while you’re at it and bathe in the warm glow it gives you.


Find and destroy draughts

Wind, rain, and all that chilly weather can sneak into your house through the strangest of places. Windows and doors are your usual suspects, but vents, cracks, and even your floorboards could be letting breezes through. The easiest way to find where you’re losing heat is by making your home nice and toasty and wandering around trying to find cold spots. All you need to do is jam up these holes (those buns you baked earlier might even come in handy here) and enjoy the resulting warmth.

If you’re looking to keep your home a little warmer during these cold months then why not take a look at our wooden blinds? Perfect for keeping your windows warm during the winter months.


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