Style Focus: Wooden Blinds With Tapes

Fri 2 Feb 2018 Amy Kilvington

For a distinctive window dressing that blends contemporary style with rustic charm, choose a high quality made to measure wooden venetian blind with tapes from Wooden Blinds Direct. This style of window blind is a superb choice for many rooms in the home, bringing elegance, tradition and excellent functionality.

Woodens with tapes offer the practicalities of a standard wooden blind but with the added appeal of decorative cotton tapes. Of course, the integrated tapes also provide an element of functionality, blocking out more sunlight by covering up cord holes. While this doesn’t make a huge difference to the darkness of your space, it could prove very worthwhile in bedrooms and nurseries.

Tapes are strips of cotton attached to your wooden blind. They are positioned on top of the internal strings, running vertically down the blind. While their principal purpose is to operate the blind, tapes also hide the strings and provide a contrasting texture upon the wood. The tapes are added to the blind in the middle of the manufacturing process, and help to hold each slat in place. This means that they can’t be removed if you change your mind.

Blinds with tapes should be measured for and installed in exactly the same way as regular wooden blinds. At Wooden Blinds Direct, they’re also supplied with free child safety devices to ensure cords can tidied away neatly and safely.

The Benefits Of Wooden Blinds With Tapes

Wooden blinds with tapes are more aesthetically pleasing then their plain counterparts. The vertical strips of soft cotton contrast the horizontal wooden slats, providing a sense of rustic charm that softens up the window display.

Also referred to as ladder cords, tapes will coordinate with other style elements in your space, such as lamp shades, soft furnishings and pieces of art. We manufacture ours with matching tapes, tying in with the wood stain of your blind and creating a sleek harmonious look.

Some areas of the home deserve a little luxury treatment, so wooden blinds with tapes are the perfect solution. The master bedroom and cosy family areas are sure to benefit from this window dressing, especially when it comes to settling down for the evening and enjoying a dark and peaceful atmosphere. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, wooden blinds with tapes bring country cottage chic, especially when selected in a natural wood or white finish.

We have a great selection of wooden blinds with tapes in different finishes, including the sophisticated shades of light grey, alabaster and walnut. This means every homeowner can select a blind to complement their interior style. If you’re keen to make even more of an impact, blinds with tapes look great when layered with additional window dressings, such as a printed pair of curtains or sheer voiles. This layering technique has practical benefits like insulation, along with bringing texture, depth and personality to the space.

We’re also pleased to offer a wide assortment of blinds without tapes. This gives our customers the flexibility to choose precisely the right colour, finish and style for them. We understand that the tape look comes down to personal preference, and some prefer the sleekness of wooden blinds sans tapes, while others enjoying the charm and style that this additional feature brings. Whatever your preference, you can discover the perfect wooden blind at Wooden Blinds Direct. Shop today!


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