The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning & Caring For Wooden Blinds

Fri 24 Nov 2017 Amy Kilvington

Wooden blinds are the ultimate window dressing, offering exceptional light control and privacy, along with a warm and cosy feeling that only real woodgrain can achieve.

But while they look great, wooden blinds can be troublesome to clean. Ideally, you should be cleaning your blinds at least every couple of weeks to reduce dust build up. This method of prevention is much easier than a big cleaning session once or twice a year – that dust and grime will be very hard to shift!

The ultimate guide to cleaning wooden blinds

Fortunately, wooden blinds can be cleaned in a variety of ways, including with a vacuum cleaner, a slat cleaner or an ostrich feather duster. Soft microfibre cloths also work well. Each of these methods ensures that dust is picked up and gripped tightly, rather than falling onto the slats below.

If your blinds are fitted to a particularly high window, use a step ladder or steady chair/stool so you can reach the highest point. Make sure you are comfortable and don’t need to hold the blinds for support – you could end up pulling them down!

First thing’s first, check for stains on your wooden blind. If they don’t buff out easily, try a very mild detergent or a wood cleaner. Once you’ve banished the stain, be sure to dry any damp patches as thoroughly as possible.

When cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, use a brush attachment which will remove dust and dirt gently. The soft bristles do the trick without running the risk of damage! Adjust the blind to a fully closed position, so the slats sit closely on top of one another. The slats should never be forced, but simply adjusted using the tilt cord mechanism provided. If you do happen to bend or break a slat, it should be replaced in order for the whole blind to continue functioning properly.

Once adjusted, you can then begin cleaning your wooden blind, vacuuming from the tapes to the end of the slats. Once complete, reverse the tilt of your blinds so you can repeat the process on the back of the slats.

When cleaning with a cloth, duster or slat cleaner, try wearing a cotton glove or an old sock on your other hand, which will help you to hold the blind steady whilst also reaching into the nooks and crannies. Bear in mind that the benefit of an ostrich feather duster is that it’s electro-statically charged, which means it attracts and holds less dust particles. This means it’s a very worthwhile investment to caring for your wooden blinds.

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