Double Up For Winter 2017

Fri 13 Oct 2017 Amy Kilvington

Autumn is in full swing and we’re starting to turn our attention to winter time. Blankets are out, the heating’s on, and candles adorn every surface. But what’s the best window furnishing for this time of year?

The team at Wooden Blinds Direct agree that there’s no better way to dress your windows for the colder seasons than with layered blinds. This clever styling solutions is a surefire way to spruce up your space, as well as bringing some much-needed warmth and cosiness to the room.

Wooden blinds are the perfect counterpart for a layered window treatment. Whether you choose to install them beneath your existing curtains, or you want to splash out on two brand new window dressings, we’ve got some brilliant tips to share.

Layering your wooden blinds with voiles and curtains will create a unique feature that’s both fashionable and functional. This naturally superior window dressing will be enhanced by the additional colours and textures, channelling warmth, elegance and timeless style. Since wooden blinds come in a range of different colours and grains, you can customise your layered window solution to your exact tastes. For instance, a smooth creamy white wooden blind looks perfect when paired with a bright striped curtain, while a darker walnut wood blind works well when matched with a sophisticated linen blend.

Not only do layered window treatments look great, but they offer plenty of practical benefits. First, they will control the air flow and light more effectively, allowing you to rearrange each layer to your preference. Secondly, layered window dressings bring additional privacy to your home. As it starts to get darker outside, your lights will be switched on more often, which illuminates the views from the outside. With that in mind, layered blinds and curtains will be particularly worthwhile for bedrooms and family areas.

Of course, there are no real rules for layering your wooden blinds, but it’s always worth remembering a few key points. First, you must carefully consider the matter of practicality, ensuring that your window dressings are easy to access and use within the space. Secondly, you should think about durability and the room’s atmosphere (for instance, bathrooms are inherently humid, so your window dressings need to cater for this, and all layers should be water resistant). And finally, think about the look you wish to achieve, and be sure to explore all options (we recommend visiting our sister site Custom Curtains to get some inspiration for your window layering).

Combining multiple layers for your window treatment offers so many benefits. Not only will it completely change the look and feel of your room, but is also sure to bring exceptional light control, privacy and energy efficiency. Want to know more? Speak to our dedicated interior design team today and take advantage of our FREE Interior Design Service: [email protected] or 01924 848739  (8:30-4:30 MON-FRI)

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