Wooden Winter Decor Ideas

Mon 11 Dec 2017 Amy Kilvington

For those of us with a penchant for interior design, our home decor transitions with the seasons. And now that the cold weather has set in and Christmas is moments away, it’s time to make our homes feel warmer, cosier and ready for the festivities. So what’s the best way to update your interiors at winter time? Today we’re talking about stylish winter decor and our favourite material: wood.



Wood can be used in a variety of ways in the home, from furniture and flooring to candle bases and baubles. It is a beautiful, traditional and timeless material, available in a wide range of shades and grains, and versatile enough to lend itself to an array of items. What’s more, wood is naturally warming, bringing charm and cosiness to every space it occupies.





Though it works wonderfully at all times of year, when the weather turns cold, wood is a particular must-have for your home. This natural insulator helps to make your space more comfortable, along with its rustic appeal that will style up the simplest of backdrops. Nowadays, we’re seeing a wider use of unrefined and ‘homely’ wooden items, along with unusual artisanal touches that ensure your decor is unique to you.





Wooden bedside tables, lamp bases and heavy wooden chopping boards are just some of the trending items that we’re seeing in home decor. Wooden shelves are obviously popular all year round, but in winter time, why not try updating them with contrasting wood photo frames or figures? Carved wooden scenes also look beautiful during the festive period, especially when illuminated with LED tea lights.




In terms of functional items, wooden boxes and stands are ideal for muddy footwear at this time of year. Place beside your front door to encourage visitors to whip off their shoes and boots before ruining your cream carpet. Old storage crates and wooden boxes are also good for holding magazines, indoor plants and kitchen produce. Wooden bowls are also effective for displaying fruit, nuts and pinecones, as well as festively scented potpourri.



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