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Although Wooden Blinds Direct retail wooden Venetian blinds online, we also retail a few non-wooden Venetian blinds, so we will cover the care and handling of all styles of Venetians.

If your Venetian blinds are painted metal, take great care not to chip the paint when cleaning the blinds, as chipped paint will expose the bare metal underneath and spoil the look of your Venetian blinds.

Use Venetian Blinds Correctly

To look through Venetian blinds always use the tilt cord mechanism. Never force the slats of your Venetian blinds apart, whether they are wooden Venetians or made of an alternative material. If you manage to bend a slat in your Venetian blind, it will have to be replaced, with the whole blind having to be restrung - you have been warned!

Cleaning Venetian Blinds With A Vacuum Cleaner

  • Close the slats of your Venetian blind by using the tilt mechanism.
  • If your Venetian blinds are fitted to a high window, we recommend you use a step-ladder or stool. Start cleaning at the top of your Venetian blinds.
  • Hold the Venetian blind steady with one hand while cleaning with the other hand. Use a vacuum cleaner with attachments to clean your blinds from the centre and clean outwards to the sides of the Venetian blinds.
  • Continue to vacuum your Venetian blinds from the left and right ladder tapes/cords to the ends of the slats. (Cleaning from end to end will cause the Venetian blinds to bang against the woodwork and may damage your blinds).
  • Using the tilt mechanism, reverse the tilt of the slats of your Venetian blinds and repeat the cleaning process on the other side of the blind's slats.

Cleaning Venetians Without A Vacuum

Taking the same care not to hit the slats against the window's woodwork, dust each tilted slat individually, with a soft, dry cloth or soft cotton cleaning gloves.

Venetian Blind Slat Cleaner

For ultimate convenience, invest in a Wooden Blinds Direct Slat cleaner for Venetian blinds

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