Ways to use wood in your interior

Tue 8 Dec 2015 James Nuttall

Wooden Blinds Direct has already given you advice on this subject before in a previous blog post, but as far as we are concerned, you can’t have enough wood in your home, so here we go again!


1. Wooden Headboards 



We love these wild wooden headboards, which are perfect for giving your bedroom a real back-to-nature feel; even more so if you accessorize with some of the artifacts listed further down. Beds needn’t always be about comfy-looking pillows and floral patterns. Sometimes it’s pays to go artistic and primal with one’s soft furnishings.


2. Wooden Walls



Thankfully, wood comes in an enormous variety of shades and colours, so you are able to create a diverse range of moods in your home if you would like wood to feature prominently. At Wooden Blinds Direct, we personally love the dark and brooding colour of Walnut, like in the photograph above – perfect for creating a cabin feel in any room, and ideal for making your bedroom feel rustic yet relaxing.


3. Wooden Objet d’art 

Wood in itself is a work of art. Real wood contains a beautiful, natural grain, which even the finest artists in the world can struggle to replicate with paint or pencil. With this reasoning, doesn’t it make sense that it’s better to just invest in some real wood art? The above wonder is little more than a light/dark wood panel tessellation, however, it also depicts the mystery and wonder of the big city in such a deceptively simple way. (Or is that just us being all artsy-fartsy and pretentious?)


4. Bespoke Wooden Blindsbespoke wooden blinds

Sorry, we just can’t help ourselves, our real wooden blinds are just that great. We stock a vast array of wooden blinds on our website, ranging from light-coloured pines to dark and bold oaks, so head over now to take a look. 


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