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Wed 28 Sep 2016 Amy Kilvington

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This summer’s sporting events have boosted Brazil to the forefront, and that includes highlighting the wonders of South American-inspired design. But this season, there’s more to Latin American interiors than the geometric patterns and excessive decorations that are always considered synonymous.

In fact, this quirky, characterful style boasts a range of other qualities, including tradition, texture, and the environmentally friendly features that we’re huge fans of at Wooden Blinds Direct.

South America is the new hotbed of design. Its recent influx of talented creative professionals are bringing home a wealth of new techniques and knowledge from work placements abroad, affording Latin American design a unique combination of indigenous styles with influences from both North America and Europe. Of course, this international blend doesn’t compromise the countries’ traditions, but rather, it refines and enhances the styles that are so innately South American.

When it comes to tradition, interior designers and local artisans take a collaborative approach in the design and creation of home accessories. Utilising long standing techniques of wood working, metal working and handcrafting, their items retain a strong sense of the Latin American tradition exuding warmth, energy and colour whilst maintaining brilliant quality and durability. After all, South American style insists on standing the test of time.

While prints remain bold, weaves intricate and embellishments abundant, this season’s Latin American interior style has grown up somewhat. Colours are muted and fabrics organic, giving textures the opportunity to stand up and be heard. A wide range of textures – from smooth polished metals to course wood, from feather soft cottons to rough, tough hessian – makes South American interior design diverse and exciting.

Natural materials play a leading role in South American interior design. This is due to a strong respect for the environment and all it reaps, which influences the use (and reuse) of organic fabrics and natural embellishments, such as seashells and pebbles. Glass and tile are also key in Latin America’s interior efforts, worked into impressive murals and flooring that make a big style statement, while remaining sustainable and ‘green’.

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