Wintry Wooden Blinds

Mon 23 Nov 2015 James Nuttall
Dark Walnut

Dark Walnut

Two of our sister sites, Custom Curtains and Roman Blinds Direct, currently have respective winter collections, showcasing fabrics we believe best represent the season.

At Wooden Blinds Direct, we know that our wooden blinds may not have the same obvious seasonal appeal as a set of patterned curtains or roman blind, but we do believe, nonetheless, that many of our products are well suited to winter.

Pictured above is a Dark Walnut wooden blind, which is a gorgeous addition to any home looking for a wintry touch, but we stock a fabulous array of blinds which add a multitude of wintry vibes to your decor.

We have selected various rooms within different homes to showcase a few of our natural wooden blinds, and explain how they can help to improve a room, greatly…


Wooden blinds kitchenwhite wooden blind, kitchen

Wooden blinds look gorgeous in the kitchen – they are the perfect complement to a rustic and rural decor. While a natural wooden blind can create a beautiful vintage motif within a room, a white wooden blind can have the exact opposite effect, giving your kitchen a brilliantly stylish, modern aesthetic.


Dining room

Wooden Blinds in the home

Pictured above is a traditionally decorated minimalist dining room, incorporating wood into every conceivable nook and cranny. Our impressive blinds hang beautifully in these two windows, and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to a room.


Living Room

wooden blind living room

Create a relaxing and soothing ambience in your living room with one of our natural wooden blinds. Natural wood glows beautifully against candlelight, helping your entire living room to radiate elegance and class.


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