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We love real wood at Wooden Blinds Direct, that’s why you’ll see the 100% Natural Wood Stamp all over the site. Wood has a texture like no other material, it looks and feels amazing to work with. Even the scent of saw dust or a log burning fire feels somehow, right.

All out blinds are made from Basswood. Basswood is absolutely perfect for making blinds with. It is light, which makes the blinds easier to operate. It is tough, so it will be able to take regular and constant use. But most importantly it has a wonderful, deep, grain pattern. This is important as they look beautiful and really feels like you are bringing an element of the outdoors, and nature, inside.

Though all our blinds are made from basswood, some of them are stained to look like other woods. Different woods have a different grain pattern, and a different colour, which makes them suitable for different rooms and settings. Below is a guide to the woods we use, and where they would work in the home.


Natural – When you see anything labelled as Natural, it is just the basswood left in its natural state, with a slight coating on it for preservation. It is quite a pale wood, with a lovely grain pattern. Being a lighter wood it would suit a room with lots of natural light, which will be very bright.

Wooden blind with tapes

Ash – different breeds of Ash come in different colours. We currently carry two ‘natural ash’ wooden blinds. One light, one dark. The classic Ash is the lighter of the two, and has a wonderful golden appearance. Whereas the Natural Ash is a darker brown, perfect for a rustic setting.


Beech – Beech is typically quite a pale colour, but often has a slight pink or brown tinge. It has wonderful, clean feeling to it, and so suits light, airy kitchens quite well.




Pine – like Ash, different pine has different appearances. We have a large selection of pine blinds, from pale Scottish pine, to dark cottage pine, with a golden coloured sunwood pine between.



Chestnut – Chestnut is a wonderful dark brown wood. It has a distinctive, rich appearance. Being a darker wood it is perfect for a more relaxed space, such as a living room or bedroom. When drawn, it will create a sensuous, relaxing atmosphere.



Oak – Oak is an interesting wood. There are two types, red and white, but it’s not as simple as saying red oak is red, and white oak is white. Lots of things can affect the colour of oak wood, not only the species, but the growing conditions of the tree. As such, we have lots of different shades of oak blinds, but all have that classic, solid, feel.




Cedar – Cedar is a sumptuous dark red wood. It has an air of luxury and tradition to it. This makes it perfect for stately rooms, or a room that is trying to make an impression. A room to host guests in.



Elm – As a wood Elm can be quite difficult to work with, which is a shame because it’s actually quite beautiful. It has a light tan colouring, which makes it suitable for most rooms and decors.




Pecan – Pecan is quite an exotic wood, and its colour shows this. Pecan is a darker brown, but with a slight reddish hue, which gives it a hint of excitement. This means they will be perfect in a lively room that will be filled with laughter, such as a living room or children’s room.



Sycamore – Sycamore is quite a dark, textural wood. It would work perfectly in a kitchen with darker work surfaces, or for a living room that is used for winding down in.




Maple – Our maple blinds come in varying shades, though they are all quite light and have a yellowish tint to them. Due to their light, almost neutral colouring, they work well in most spaces in the home, but are best suited to lighter, airy rooms.




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