Which blinds are best for bathrooms?

Thu 8 Oct 2015 admin


Due to the huge multitude of window furnishings available, sometimes it can be hard to know where to start! However, it can be easier if you know which room you want your blinds to go in.

When choosing blinds for the bathroom, all we have to do is think a bit logically, and the answer makes itself apparent.


If we look at the specifics of what is required of a blind in a bathroom, three considerations pop up:

  1. The bathroom is a high traffic environments.
  2. The bathroom is a high moisture environment.
  3. Privacy is paramount.

As they are high traffic you want a tough blind that can be used over and over again. All our blinds, and those from our sister companies, are built to the highest standard possible. But it is simple chemistry that some materials are hardier than others.

As much as we have a soft spot for real wood blinds here at Wooden Blinds Direct, there are situations where Aluminium or Faux Wood blinds are superior, from a practical stand point. The bathroom is one of those situations.

Due to the materials that Faux Wood (PVC) and Aluminium blinds are made from they are highly wear resistant. This means they can stand to be opened and closed often with little wear to the slats themselves, meaning they will stay looking wonderful for a long time.

Both materials are also water resistant, which has an obvious advantage in a high moisture environment such as the bathroom. Wood and fabric are slightly porous. This means they will hold water, eventually leading to mould and mildew growing on the blind. As well as the eventual breakdown of the blind itself.

Aluminium is water and rust resistant, so will stay lovely and shiny for a long time to come. Faux Wood blinds, made of PVC which is water resistant, can come in a multitude of colours, including Wood Appearance. This means you can still have the attractive appearance of Real Wood Blinds, while still having the practical properties of PVC.

With regards to privacy, all slatted blinds provide a similar amount of privacy. However, a blind with a smaller slat size will have more slats per metre, and theoretically should provide a better amount of privacy. Though in reality there is very little difference. If privacy is a very important factor for you, then it might be worth considering the Global Privacy Range. These blinds have extra small holes drilled for the strings instead of the usual punched hole, for the extra touch of privacy.


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