What Terminator 2 needed, was a lovely Venetian

Thu 21 May 2015 admin

Wooden Blinds make everything better, even Terminator 2.

We’re big movie fans here at Wooden Blinds Direct. Our sister company, Vertical Blinds Direct, did a post on the best Window Bailouts, check it out here.

We’re obviously huge fans of Wooden Blinds as well, and there aren’t enough occasions where movies and blinds come together. Until now! We went back through some of our favourite movie scenes. The ones that defined our childhoods. The one’s we grew up with. The one’s we still watch. The one’s that moved us to tears, to laughter, to anger, to excitement. We found them and we made them better!




It’s a hard thing to take the attention away from Bill Murray, but the blinds do it.

NeoWhat truth?

There is no blind.

There is no Blind?

Then you’ll see, that it is not the Blind that opens, it is only yourself.



OK, it’s just the two Raptors, right?

You’re sure the third one’s contained?

Yes, unless they figure out how to open Wooden Venetian Blinds.


E.T phone 01924 481 712



star wars


The Directors really are missing something here.



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