Ways To Use Wood In Winter Interior Design

Tue 25 Oct 2016 Amy Kilvington

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When winter rolls around, our warmth becomes top priority. We spend much more time indoors when it’s cold outside, so a cosy and comfortable house is a must. It’s easy to enough to make a home feel warm – we just have to do the practical things, like checking for drafts, closing doors, and adjusting the thermostat. But is there also a way to make our homes look warm?

Nothing beats a warm and welcoming space when you’ve stepped inside. There’s also something extra special about settling down in a room that’s snug and soothing… and what’s more, stylish too! One of the most effective methods for achieving this lovely aesthetic is by using wood. Natural, simplistic and always on trend, wood is an incredibly versatile material that can be utilised in a whole host of ways throughout the home.


Ways to Use Wood in Winter Interior Design

1. Wood floors

Hardwood flooring is the ultimate stylish solution, offering your home a classic, high quality look that is sure to stand the test of time. When it comes to winter interiors, treat your wooden floor to a soft-textured rug or two, which will create a cosy contrast as well as providing somewhere comfortable for the kids to play. Wood is one of the healthiest floor solutions, thanks to its organic roots that mean less allergens are attracted. This makes it great for people suffering with allergies. When sourced responsibly, it is also one of the most environmentally friendly flooring types.

2. Wood furniture

Wooden furniture will also provide a cosy, classic feeling along with ultimate functionality and durability. These investment pieces are well worth forking out for initially, as they are sure to last years into the furniture. There are plenty of different types of wood to choose from, so you can select something to your exact tastes. For instance, pine is a lightweight wood that’s pale in tone with dark knots. It is great for rustic items, ideal for the farmhouse-chic effect. For those that prefer fine grains in warmer tones, cherry is a great choice, and perfect for shaker-style kitchen furniture. Oak is a real favourite, offering superior strength and quality along with tight grains, and suitable for just about any purpose. Alternatively, you can find wooden furniture in wicker, rattan or bamboo, which offer the same character and natural style, but with an exotic twist.

3. Wood blinds

Wooden blinds are also a great way to make your home feel warm and cosy this winter. A beautiful window dressing with maximum light control, wood blinds offer style and functionality along with increased energy efficiency and warmth… perfect for the winter months! Wooden blinds are also much easier to maintain than other blind types, and the privacy they provide is second to none. Finally, when you purchase your wintry wooden blinds from us, you can rest assured that the wood is sustainable and sourced responsibly.

4. Wooden accents

Complete your warm, welcoming, wintry space with wooden accessories. These accents continue the theme or rustic beauty, helping you to create a home that’s super snug yet stylish. Incorporate wood in the form of coasters, photo frames, lamps and bowls, selecting grains and finishes that will complement the rest of your decor. You could also continue the organic theme into your soft furnishings; choose cottons, linens and hessians in neutral shades, then add a pop of colour and texture through rich burgundy velvets, thick grey knits or luxurious faux furs.
Enjoy a warm, cosy and stylish home this winter by incorporating nature’s most beautiful and versatile natural fabric into your design. And remember to take a look at the huge range of wooden blinds we have on offer at Wooden Blinds Direct.
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