Spring Cleaning Statistics Infographic

Thu 19 Feb 2015 Amy @ Wooden Blinds Direct

Spring is just around the corner: the season of rebirth, rejuvenation and, of course, deep cleaning!

Spring cleaning is a long standing tradition, dating back to a time before vacuums and chemical cleaning products. Adverse winter weather meant that people had to keep their homes on lock down in order to make it through the season; windows were never opened, shutters were pulled closed, and a fire was kept burning inside. Of course, by the end of winter home owners found their possessions coated in soot and reeking of smoke, calling for a total home overhaul to freshen things up again.

To this day, while soot and smoke are no longer issues, many still opt to blitz their homes from top to bottom when winter finally comes to an end. And to herald this year’s impending season of spring cleaning,¬†we’ve put together an infographic filled with interesting facts and figures about it…

Wooden Blinds Direct Spring Cleaning Infographic

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