Let the Sun Shine Through with Wooden Blinds

Tue 24 May 2016 James Nuttall

Living room wooden blind

We are halfway through spring and we at Wooden Blinds Direct think it’s pretty fair to say that it has, so far, been a rather rotten affair as far as the weather is concerned.

This lacklustre spring has made natural light more important than ever in the home; you don’t want your energy bills to soar through the roof in an effort to keep your home bright during the dreary and wet season. It is important that you have the best blinds at your disposal for allowing in as much natural light from the outside world as possible – our wooden blinds can help you there.

Although they are very handy for blocking out light at nighttime and enabling you to get a good night’s sleep, our real wooden blinds all come equipped with tilting mechanisms, which allow you to control just how much light enters a room, no matter whether you want to shut out the light completely or let it blaze through the window.

The fact that wooden blinds are made up of slats rather than fabric helps to create a bright and breezy feel in your home, more so than any other type of blind or curtains.

Natural wooden blinds add a rustic and earthy tone, with lighter shades such as Pine or Beech generating the warmth of summer throughout your decor.¬†There’s still something to be said for white wooden blinds, though, which¬†are perfect for creating a beach house motif, and look immaculate when coordinated with white furniture and walls.

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