Infuse Your Home With Nordic-Inspired Décor

Sun 21 May 2017 Amy Kilvington

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The white, windswept vistas of Scandinavia are an inspiration for designers. Spotless lakes, jagged mountains and artful heaps of snow can make most of us pine for a region we’ve never set foot in. For this reason, the Nordic aesthetic has become incredibly popular in the UK, replete with furniture that gives our homes a rugged, exotic thrill.

There are many ways in which interior design satisfies the Scandi appetite, but we’d like to present the best of the current picks, setting a modern glaze for your makeover this winter:

Folding furniture

Every inch of space has a purpose within a Nordic interior. That’s why folding items are hitting the market, snapping back and forth to help you create a multi-functional living area.

Folding beds can be built into the wall, collapsing down when you have guest to stay. Meanwhile, indoor benches – a popular choice for contemporary dining and entertaining – also benefit from the ability to tuck away when you aren’t using them.

Copper and gold lighting

Copper lighting fixtures have enjoyed a resurgence in 2016, and they remain a firm accessory to the Nordic look. Wide-brimmed, bowl-like lamps are in vogue for lounge and kitchen areas, throwing duskier pieces into stark relief. Gold, too, is fast creeping into interior catalogues this season. Either tone represents an element of class amidst the naturalist décor for which Scandinavia is renowned.

Minimalist storage

Simplicity is at the heart of a Scandi theme, and storage furniture combines the desire for straight, ordered lines with the need to tidy away clutter. Nordic wardrobes tend to come in a neat array of wood panelling; ideal for fitted bedrooms, they infuse the rustic effect comfortably within the contours of your interior.

White wardrobes and dressers add a certain purity to the home. Stand them next to a dark purple rug for dramatic contrast, where natural light can guide the eye to the sanded, hand-crafted finish of the door and handles.

Monochrome home offices

Wherever we choose to settle down for concentration, it helps to have a clear frame of mind; there are some marvellous Nordic touches that can transform a home study. Black-and-white artwork is sneaking into interior trends, which looks fantastic when paired with an adjustable black reading lamp.

Slim-line desks propped on industrial framing can add substance to the minimalist look. To balance the desire for storage, choose a desk that has drawers or shelves built into the design, so you may not need to fork out for a filing cabinet or extra furniture.

Dressing Room

These are just the tip of the Nordic iceberg as far as furnishing is concerned. Whether you’re renovating a single room or the whole home, our trusted partner, Hartleys Bedrooms, is always at the forefront of the latest Scandinavian designs. With a little inspiration from our blog, you’ll be able to incorporate this theme into your décor.


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