How to Clean Wooden Blinds

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We love real wooden blinds. They look and feel fantastic in the home. Most of the wooden blinds we sell are made from Basswood, which has a wonderful grain pattern. Making our wooden blinds even more beautiful. But, as they are made from real wood, they can be tricky to clean.

But never fear! We at Wooden Blinds Direct are a caring bunch, we want what is best for you, and your blinds. So just follow our handy guide to cleaning your wooden blinds.


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The first thing to do is check for spots or stains. If there are any, try just rubbing with a paper towel, before moving on to more drastic measures. If a dry paper towel doesn’t shift it, then try a mild detergent or soap, or one of many wood cleaners available. The trick here is to try and keep the slat as dry as possible. Water can soak into the wood staining, and possibly distorting it. Then make sure you dry it as quickly and thoroughly as possible once the stain is gone.

If there are no stains then you can move straight on to cleaning the blind. There are several ways to do this. The first step is to fully close the blind, so you can access as much of the slat as possible.




The most simplistic tool to use when cleaning a blind is an ostrich feather duster. These wonderful creations are electrostatically charged, and so actually attract the dust particles.



Vacuum cleaners can actually do a similar job to a feather duster, but in a slightly more aggressive manner. If you do use a hoover, use a soft brush attachment and be careful!


Henry Hoover

Careful Henry! Be gentle!

For a thorough, deep clean, use a soft dry cloth and wipe each slat down individually. A couple of wee tricks – for more control, try putting a cotton glove, or even an old sock on your hand to reach all the nooks and crannies. Also, try rubbing a fabric softener sheet between the socks or gloves before wiping the slats down. This will help reduce the build-up of the static electricity that attracts dust and dirt.


Sock Puppet

Feed me blinds, not fish.

Once you have done one side of the blind, simply rotate the slats round the other way and repeat! You’ll have wonderful, dust free blinds with in no time.



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