Done and Dusted

Wed 2 Mar 2016 James Nuttall


Aside from helping to make a home look dirty, dust can also have a whole heap of negative impacts on your health and general well being. Breathing in too much dust can result in an increased risk of developing asthma, along with a multitude of breathing difficulties and allergic reactions. Other potential problems include dermatitis and lung damage. Believe it or not, too much dust circulation can even result in anxiety and depression, due to the blood becoming intoxicated by chemical agents. Sufficed to say, dust has the potential to be a silent killer. Spring cleaning time is here again, making this the perfect time to dust-proof your home, and we at Wooden Blinds Direct are here to help. Welcome to our dust-busting tips on how to minimalise the amount of mites floating around your home.

Invest in an air purifier

If you are an asthma sufferer then an air purifier may already be your best domestic friend, but if not, there is no better way to keep the air you breathe at home clean. Purifiers will filter the dust particles, helping to reduce the amount of dust in the atmosphere to a bare minimum. However, keep reading, because purifiers won’t clear up the problem of the dust mites lying across all of your furniture!

Microfibre dusters 

Studies have shown that microfibre cloths and dusters are much more effective at catching dust than cotton. In fact, the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology found that, whereas cotton cloths only managed to pick up 30% of bacteria, microfibre cloths reduced bacteria by up to a whopping 99%. These cloths also last much longer than normal cotton cloths, helping you to save money in the long term.

Wooden Blinds

Aside from being undeniably stylish and attractive, wooden blinds are the perfect window furnishing for any home owner who is anxious to reduce the collection of dust mites building up on the objects around their house. Wooden blinds are easy to clean, allowing you to just wipe the slats clean (with a microfibre cloth, perhaps?), and because the only fabric on the entire product is the cord, this means that the build up of dust is reduced massively in comparison to fabric blinds or curtains. Why not check out our range of wooden blinds while you’re here?

We actually have a selection of blind cleaning products to combat the build up of dust, which can be viewed and bought here.

Wooden blinds and flooring helps to reduce the build up of dust, massively.

Wooden blinds and flooring helps to reduce the build up of dust, massively.

Change your bedding each week

Dust thrives on bedspreads and sheets, but if you’re savvy enough to change your bedding each week, then you can massively minimise the amount of mites you sleep on, helping you to breathe easy all night long.

Beat sofas and cushions, often

Again, sofas and cushions are breeding grounds for dust gathering and settling. Beating your sofas, chairs and cushions on a regular basis will help to disturb the dust and force it to settle elsewhere, meaning you can then wipe it away with a cloth.

Vacuum regularly

Clear up as much dust and dirt as possible from the floor with your vacuum cleaner, which will make an enormous difference to the cleanliness of the air. If you have attachments, it would be a good idea to also hoover up the dust on your sofas and cushions.


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