Craft a Noon: Easter

Tue 22 Mar 2016 James Nuttall

Are you excited for Easter, because we certainly are! This year, Wooden Blinds Direct is getting crafty, and we are so excited to bring you three different pastimes you can try your hand at over the holidays. Thanks to our various sisters sites, such as Custom Curtains and Roman Blinds Direct, we always have plenty of left over fabric to get creative with at the end of the day, so two of our Easter activities are based around arts and crafts, giving you and your children the chance to make your very own Easter egg bags, along with adorable finger puppets.

And of course, what Easter is complete without chocolate? Let your little ones have a go at cooking some delicious chocolate nests and introduce them to the fun world of dessert making. Just follow our simple infographics below, which will talk you through every step of the way, and have fun at home being creative this Easter!


Easter Bunny Bags

Perfect for Easter egg hunts, here is your child’s chance to make their very own Easter Bunny bag. These cute trinkets are surprisingly simple to make, require minimal materials and provide a lifetime of lasting memories – the little things really do make a difference.


Easter Finger Puppets

We are certain that even the odd adult will be taking a stab at making these cute little finger puppets! The quintessential Easter playmates, our bunny and chick puppets are fun and easy to make, creating an excellent parent-child bonding experience.


Easter Nests

A great (and potentially messy!) way to introduce your kids to the wonderful world of cooking, our Easter nests are fantastic fun to make, and also taste fantastic. Which child wouldn’t want to crush shredded wheat over melted chocolate, and then mix it all together? These nests are ideal table decorations, which you can also eat, and require very little ingredients and preparation.



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