14 Tips For An Eco-Friendly Christmas

Tue 15 Nov 2016 Amy Kilvington

Eco Friendly Christmas Tips

Christmas is just around the corner and we’re all starting to get very excited here at Wooden Blinds Direct! While there are a few resident Scrooges that refuse to say the ‘C’ word until the first of the month, the rest of us are well into the swing of Christmas-time, filling up our calendars with Christmassy events, shopping for presents, and even putting up the tree.

Of course, we’re being extra mindful of our festivities this year, ensuring that our Christmases are as eco-friendly as possible. Christmas may be a time of indulgence, but that doesn’t mean we have to damage the planet in the process. Here are some of our top tips for having a fun and fabulous Christmas that’s friendly to the environment, too.


1. Make a list of all the presents, decorations and food you need to buy this year. Try to complete your shopping in as few trips as possible, saving on fuel and mileage.

2. If you prefer real Christmas trees, remember to purchase from an approved retailer.

3. Hand deliver Christmas cards to family and friends that live nearby.

4. Use recycled wrapping paper and embellishments that you already have lying around the house, like pieces of ribbon, or old cards as gift tags.

5. Old Christmas cards can also be snipped up into floral and leafy designs, and attached to a circular wire frame to make a funky festive wreath. The pages from used Christmas magazines could also be rolled up and fixed together to create a wreath, garland or bunting.

6. Pick up pine cones and make baubles for the Christmas tree. A ribbon and some glitter will transform a plain pine cone into a magical tree decoration, or you could even attach a little red nose and googly eyes to make a reindeer trinket.

7. Use old jam jars as candle holders, decorating them with sparkles for an extra festive feel. You could even fill them with fairy lights and pop them on the mantelpiece or windowsill. Wine bottles are also the ideal festive candle holder – the shades of green are perfect!

8. Create your own Christmas stockings and bunting using old pieces of material or clothing. You could even purchase a Bundle Of Fun from our sister brand, Roman Blinds Direct, which consists of 4kg of designer fabric offcuts, perfect for making your own Christmas decorations and gifts.

9. Plan your Christmas feast carefully. Eat organic where possible, and try to choose local produce to reduce your carbon footprint and support businesses nearby. Try not to buy food that will be wasted, and put all veg leftovers in the compost bin.

10. Look for recycled, organic and cruelty-free gifts for your loved ones this year. Make your own where possible, and try to choose presents that have as little impact on the planet as possible. There are so many fresh new organic, vegan and eco-friendly brands popping up nowadays, meaning that you can have an environmentally conscious Christmas without compromising on the fun and festivities.

11. Don’t rely on technology over the festive period. Try to avoid switching the tele on, and instead spend time connecting with your family and enjoying each other’s company.

12. Avoid using the heating all day every day, too. Instead, set your thermostat on a timer to come on before wake-up time, then switch off throughout the day. This will ensure you have a toasty start to the day, without spending a fortune on energy bills. Make use of your window dressings to keep in the heat, and remember to shut doors too!

13. Public transport can be a real pain at this time of year, so keep your carbon footprint low by sharing lifts with friends and family. If you order gifts online, try to bulk buy at the same time to cut down on deliveries.

14. Try not to get sucked in by the Christmas marketing campaigns. You needn’t spend a fortune to have a fabulous time! Remember, the most important part of Christmas is spending time with your loved ones – presents are just a bonus.

Remember, you can enjoy warm, cosy and eco-friendly home this winter by incorporating nature’s most beautiful and versatile natural fabric in the form of wooden blinds. Take a look at our huge range today.

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