10 Wonderful Ways To Use Wood In Your Home

Thu 19 Mar 2015 Amy @ Wooden Blinds Direct

Here at Wooden Blinds Direct, the clue’s in the name… As one of the UK’s most notable suppliers of custom wooden blinds, it’s safe to say that we’re big fans of wood! And that’s why we’re delighted that our material of choice is making a big comeback this spring. Wood has always been a reliable, durable and functional choice for home furnishing and structural purposes, but this season’s rejuvenation is showcasing its many other talents, including style and versatility.

We’ve selected our top ten choices for using wood in the home, ranging from storage and surfaces to decoration and accessories. Which is your favourite?

1. Wooden Work Surfaces

Wood kitchen surface


Wooden kitchen tops are a classic choice, introducing a sense of tradition and taste while providing a functional surface for preparation and storage. While some opt against wooden surfaces because of the risk of dents and staining, if you select the right finish, upkeep is very straightforward and easy. We love how wood immediately introduces a warm, natural vibe to any space. Combined with rustic tiling and baby blue accents, this kitchen is ideal for those with a penchant for all things country cottage!

2. Organic Shelving

wood beam shelvesSource

We adore these wood beam shelves. A great alternative to their mass produced counterparts, rustic beams make for a storage solution that’s both practical and attractive. Who wants perfectly levelled and polished shelving, anyway?! Reclaimed beams bring a sense of nature indoors, and coupled with strength and durability, their charm and originality make them an unrivalled storage solution.

3. Rustic Cladding

Wooden cladding wallSource

Mistmatched cladding may sound like a questionable style of feature wall, but as the above arrangement demonstrates, it’s certainly effective. Though the boards are worn out, the selection creates an eye-catching update to the space, brimming with coolness and character. The statement wall also breaks up the monotony of neutral paint and flooring, along with the distinctive bedside table and bold choice of headboard.

4. Exposed Floorboards

Exposed floorboardsSource

Exposed floorboards are an old favourite, and this time around, it’s all about the finish. While the classic method of sanding and varnishing makes for stunning flooring, we’re focusing on painted finishes that correspond perfectly with the rest of the room. This bedroom is a prime example, with its off-white floorboards providing a clean, fresh base and helping the space to appear larger and brighter.

5. Tree Stump Table

Stump tableSource

As with the rustic beam shelves, this innovative table brings a huge amount of character to the room. A beautiful, organic take on the traditional coffee table, it’s the perfect spot to display flowers, pile magazines and also pop your mug. This interior designer certainly knows how to make the most out of a piece – set upon a bold, Aztec-inspired rug, the stump table is an eye-catching feature that ties in beautifully with the rest of the space.

6. Branch Banister

Branch banister and wooden staircase


The exposed wood of these stairs demonstrates how going back to basics is the best option. Finished with a caramel toned varnish, it’s sleek, classic and warming, and stands out brilliantly against the high-shine white walls. Of course, it’s the banister that we’re most impressed by – it’s shape and size are too good to be true, fitting seamlessly into the design as a unique yet fully functional handrail.

7. Reclaimed Mirror Frame

Wooden Mirror Frame


Reclaimed wood reigns supreme once again with this gorgeous mirror. Chunky boards, rough edges and a range of tones make it a seriously cool frame, and the perfect addition to an otherwise understated bedroom. While the sheer scale of this mirror contributes to its dazzle, we think that wood frames look great at any size. Border both your mirrors and photographs with rustic charm, and create an eye-catching accessory that any interior designer would be proud of!

8. Twig Touches

Wooden Lampshade


A clever collection of unsuspecting branches completely alter this basic Ikea lamp, creating a super original light source with a maritime twist.  Reminiscent of driftwood that washes up on the shore, gathered and tied with a primitive piece of rope, this lamp design evokes a sense of the nautical. Once more, the versatility of wood as a material is displayed, in its ability to totally transform a simple home accessory.

9. Natural Units

Wooden Kitchen UnitsSource

Perhaps a little less exciting than the previous uses of wood, but these wooden kitchen units are a great demonstration of how simplicity is best. Sleek, neat, and finished in a warming earthy tone, they’re the perfect addition to a quirky, stylised kitchen. We’ve also got to mention the traditional oak table which along with the exposed stone wall introduces an air of farmhouse chic into the otherwise minimalistic space.

10. Beautiful Beams

Wooden BeamsA great finale to the best uses of wood is the home has got to be these gorgeous exposed beams. Undoubtedly one of the grandest features that can be added to any home, ceiling beams are synonymous with warmth and tradition, and even make rooms appear much larger. Drawing the eyes up into areas that are regularly ignored, exposed beams make the most of space while appearing effortlessly elegant.

Of course, we can’t ignore another use for wood in the home: wooden window blinds. Be sure to check out our full range over at Wooden Blinds Direct, where you’ll discover a huge collection of wood venetian blinds in a variety of colours and finishes.

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