Save Energy Save Money!

How much money are you throwing away each year?

Every year households up and down the country are throwing away a small fortune by wasting energy and increasing their carbon footprint. To save money on your energy bills you can; purchase energy efficient blinds such as thermal window blinds,  you can also turn appliances off and avoid leaving appliances on standby. If you feel like you are pouring money down the drain then this amazing inforgraphic will help you to pick up those pennies, thus save you money on your energy bills.

Energy Eff

What could you do with an extra £1167 a year?

 Here`s some great money saving ideas:

  • Window coverings – Make sure that all your windows are dressed with either thick curtains or quality wooden blinds as an exposed window will quickly drain the heat from a room increasing your heat wastage.
  • Showers over baths – Showers are a lot more energy efficient when compared to baths and also use far less water, which means a reduction in your water bills as well as gas / electricity usage.
  • Switching energy supplier– When your energy  contracts come up for renewal make sure you’re on the best package for you, there are lots of great comparison sites out there and often if you’ve found a better price your current supplier may match it.
  • Don’t over fill your kettle – a full kettle takes more time to boil and so uses a lot more energy, save yourself time and money by boiling only what you need.
  • Dripping taps- Make sure your taps are properly turned off and have no leaky drips. A  leaky hot water tap can use enough hot water in a week to fill a whole bathtub.

If you have any great energy saving tips then we would like to hear from you..please feel free to leave a comment.


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